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Not world-wide police state!

Not Another American Colony!
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This is a community about all of the states that US claims claims need 'democracy' switch, fake democracy, bushism, and state propaganda in support of oil wars.
You don't need to be from one of these nations!

We oppose american foreign policy, their double standards in term of Kashmir,Iraq Afghanistan,Phalestine-Israel issues.

We All must Boycott US products and their policies until the Bush administration has stopped its military sponsorship, diversive actions, and direct aggression against countries world wide.

We are not against american people. In fact they are among the victims of the American State Machine as well.The Machine which exploits, kills, throws people into poverty!

Please post news, ideas, updates, action alerts, pictures, et cetera on this. We encourage you to talk and speak out your mind. (Pro-american visionaries are welcome too, you'll be fried alive ;-))

Please introduce yourself!

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